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    CLT Print, a CLT Geek Brand, provides small businesses with the same relationship based, responsive printing services enjoyed by large enterprises - without the volume requirements and associated overhead. We make our leadership's 15 years of experience with the print and print brokerage market available to businesses who might not previously have been able to afford to use those resources. We're here to help... We are CLT Print.

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    Webinar Presented by J. Carbuto Design and CLT Geek

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  • TIPS: How to Prepare Designs from Canva for Print

    Want us to print your Canva file? You have 2 choices:

    1. Follow the video instructions above. We are not responsible for the quality of the output from files generated by Canva or the finished product created from Canva files. We will will attempt to print them so long as the client understands our zero-liability policy.
    2. Our professional design team will re-create your design, using professional tools, artwork, and fonts. Because Canva is not a professional design tool, we cannot guarantee an exact match to what you created. We will however create a file that prints with great quality.
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